Condominium and Apartment Buildings

Another important placement for security guards. At Ayvar Security Services, we provide professional uniformed guards to patrol and guard the inner and outer premises of the property. Even with lock and an enterphone, criminals are still able to infiltrate a building where there is no security staff present. All it takes for a stranger to have access to your building is for someone to enter or leave the building and then they catch the door before it closes. Criminals will go to great lengths and sometimes even disguise themselves as a courier or a mail carrier through the enterphone to gain access to a building. A security guard would prevent unwanted persons from entering through the front entrance. A security guard is also able to patrol the parking areas to ensure the visitor parking is not being abused, and that all doors on the premises are safe and secured. Having Ayvar Security Services guard your building will give you peace of mind knowing someone is always watching out for your well-being.

Uniformed security guards are a benefit to all businesses. At Ayvar Security Services we take pride in protecting what is important to you. We value all our customers and are able to provide a variety of security services.

Author: Rosana Ayvar

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