Our President

Jorgito Ayvar CEO and Founder of Ayvar Security Services since 2011. Has approximately 29 years of experience in California Security Industry ranging from private, corporate, and government contracts. Throughout his career, he has gained much knowledge and experience that reflects a strong background of promotions; he has transitioned from working as an armed guard at a construction site to becoming the Director of Security at a Federal facility, The Richard Nixon Presidential Library. He has achieved the highest position an ambitious security guard aspires to accomplish. As a former Director of Security, he coordinated and collaborated with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Special Agents, and Secret Service on special assignments. His Vast knowledge and experience in the security industry makes him an invaluable resource to our security guards and an essential element of Ayvar Security Services. In fact, Jorgito Ayvar is also a mentor, advisor, consultant, and Licensed Qualified Manager/ Security Instructor certified by the Department of Consumer Affairs/Bureau of Security Investigative Services.