About our Business

Ayvar Security Services, Inc. offers a wide range of customised Security solutions to assure safety, provide accurrate information, and facilitate a succesful safe operation at every Special event venue. Our company was founded in 2011, We specialize in providing Armed/Unarmed Guard Services. We currently have trained, certified, and licensed guards, both male and female including active and retired Law Enforcement.  A unique feature we take pride in offering among our security staff is our US Veterans that have served in the armed forces.

Our Mission

The Mission of Ayvar Security Services, Inc. is to provide exceptional service(s) to our clients to satisfy their needs by providing respectful, honest, trained, and well dressed Security Guards or Event Staff. The key is to make sure your staff are companent on the Rules and Regualtions of the Security industry.

Our Vision

The Vision of Ayvar Security Services, Inc. is to provide great customer service, to be honest, and transparent, and set high standards to our Clients and Staff. Provide new and existing security guards with the most recent and adequate training and education.

Our Values

A) Our training will always be adequate and most recent.
B) Our fees will always be a competitive and fair marketplace.
C) We will listen to your needs and deliver them.
D) Insured, Licensed and current required state, local, and city permits.

Security Provider PPO 17678
PHONE: (877) 787-1349 or (323) 320-3458